Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First visit to MD Anderson

We met with the doctor at MD Anderson in Houston yesterday. Josh's noma now officially has a name: squamous cell carcinoma of the lung. But he needs to go through a few more tests to understand exactly what the treatment plan should be.

There were four of us there supporting Josh through this next step: Josh's dad Abe, Josh's mom Lynne, Josh's brother Isaac, and me.

Now we wait to see when we can get our appointments for the blood work and additional MRI that he needs. Looks like we'll get in today and maybe tomorrow for all of it and then we'll head back home. The doctor will hopefully be able to call on Friday with the plan for treatment. The best case scenario is that Josh can go through chemotherapy near home and then trek to MD Anderson every 6 weeks for scans to see how his noma is responding to the treatment, but that all depends on what clinical trials are available near home versus in Houston. Either way, we'll make sure Josh gets the best treatment possible to help him fight his noma.

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