Monday, January 3, 2011


A new year. Goodbye, 2010. Hello, 2011.

This time of year brings about that infamous topic of new year's resolutions. And just like so many others, my wife likes to ask that either loved or hated question: "What is your new year's resolution?" I can't begin to tell you how that question has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

In all the previous years when she would ask me that question, I would come back with the all-too-often used and trite answers that so many of us give. Exercise more, eat better, yada, yada, yada. This time I paused though because of all the changes that 2010 brought about. This time I answered, "my new year's resolution is to beat cancer."

My how times have changed! I already exercise like my life depends upon on it. My diet has received an extreme makeover to the one-hundredth degree. It took me by surprise how both of the goals that I would have thrown out as answers in the past underwhelmed me. My goal now is to survive.

My goal is to see 2012.


  1. I certainly share that goal with you.

  2. I am behind that one!

  3. Happy 2011 to the Van Slightenhorst family.


  4. After the last round of scans, I think that was a damned good start to the year.