Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Last Friday I had another biopsy done down at MD Anderson. As I mentioned in a previous blog this was done to get some more tissue for them to test to see if I qualify for a clinical trial. The biopsy came off with out a hitch. In fact I was more awake during this one than I had been for my previous two. I got a call today saying they have my tissue slides ready and they are going to send them off for the test. I should know by late next week if I qualified or not. What a wonderful Christmas present that would be.

Not much else going on right now other than that. My days are pretty normal and boring. I am fatigued a lot. By 3 in the afternoon I just want to lie down and take a nap. Don't know if this is still related to the anemia or not. Doesn't help matters that I am writing this at 10:51pm. Still trying to work out in some fashion every day. The work outs are not long and they are not complex. Just trying to get the heart rate up a bit and put a little stress on the old body. The neuropathy is still pretty bad in the feet and so that limits me on how long and how hard I push myself.

I have really come to enjoy my lunch dates with friends. I have always been an introvert and done quite well at spending time by myself. Working by myself was never a problem either. Matter of fact, I kind of enjoyed it. However, there seems to be a slight shift going on. I find myself not enjoying sitting around the house by myself. It has become harder and harder to drag myself up to work knowing that I will be alone there as well. I don't feel like I am sitting around moping or feeling badly about my situation or anything like that. I just find myself looking forward to the outings and how they break up my otherwise solitary day.

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